Lokad Desktop v1.0.7 supports MS Office Accounting 2007

We have released today Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0.7. This release comes with many improvements including

We suggest to upgrade to this new version.

ChangeLog v1.0.7

2007-04-24 [vermorel] NEW LokadWebApiProvider updated to match ‘lokadapi.php’ v2.0.0
2007-04-24 [vermorel] NEW Dynacom under MS SQL Server supported.
2007-04-24 [vermorel] TimeSerie compacting added (strong performance improvements for TS upload).
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Smart auto date formatting based on the chosen period.
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Multi-provider BUG: paged queries must be on a per-product basis
    - CommerceStarterKitProvider fixed
    - OsCommerceProvider fixed
    - DynacomMsSqlProvider fixed
    - DotnetCartProvider fixed
    - ECommerceFrameworkProvider fixed
    - MicrosoftAccountingProvider fixed
    - SmileHouseProvider fixed
    - XseDotnetProvider fixed
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Improved setting UI (WS and Prefix are grayed while BG workers).
2007-04-24 [vermorel] Bug fixed for Monthly forecasts.
2007-04-14 [augustin] Bug fixed for OsCommerceProvider (query was invalid for multi-lingual shops).
2007-04-15 [vermorel] New environment variable added LOKAD_DESKTOP_PATH during install.
2007-04-14 [vermorel] NEW Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 supported.