Drafting Call Center Calculator

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

call-center-headset.jpg We have started to work on Lokad Call Center Calculator (L3C). This application will be the successor of Lokad Desktop Workload Forecasting. Yet, L3C will be completely dedicated to the call center industry.

Among the key features that we are pushing forward for the first release:

  • Retrieve historical data, such as call volumes and staff levels from your call center application.
  • Visualize your data with filters such as day of the week (useful when it comes to compare the forecasts with comparable data over the last few weeks).
  • Adjust call center queue settings such as expected service level or speed of answer, average call duration and wrap-up time.
  • Convert incoming call volumes into staffing level suggestions with an embedded variant of the Erlang C formula.
  • Edit staffing levels, if staffing suggestions need to be corrected.
  • Export planned call volumes and staffing levels toward 3rd party applications.

We are already considering a native support for a couple of 3rd party applications such as Vicidial, Viev, QueueMetrics ...

Like the other Lokad products, L3C will be released as open-source. Do not hesitate to make your own feature requests.

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