The launch of LokadTV

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

As you may have noticed myself and the team here at Lokad have taken advantage of our new glamorous surroudings to work on a number of YouTube videos over the last couple of weeks. Within the videos we discuss the latest advances in technology and explore how they can bring change to the supply chain industry. This is an industry in which we have developed our understanding of over the last decade and we are eager to share some of the knowledge that we have developed along the way.

With clients all over the world, in practically every industry, we have experienced at first hand the frustration that dealing with archaic technology can bring. We have been fortunate enough to help clients overcome this frustration and reap the benefits of a well managed supply chain. The willingness of our customers to buy into our vision has been a key part in our success. We hope that through the medium of these videos we can help more people understand the potential that quantitative forecasting can bring to their organisation and understand our disruptive vision of the supply chains of the future.

Our aim through LokadTV is to bring a bit of clarity to a range of topics which, despite vast amounts of media attention, are still remarkably difficult to interpret. You will notice that the discussions are unedited and filmed in one take. This we hope will give them an air of spontaneity and personability which would be lost by ‘over polishing’ the videos. We hope that you find the videos entertaining and educational, however more than anything we hope that they encourage a little bit of debate. We feel that is only by challenging the status quo that we can make progress in the industry and reach a day where supply chains benefit from the latest technology to become faster, leaner and more reliable.

So make sure you subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with the latest episodes.

Forecasting Accuracy

Forecasting accuracy is a subject that often divides the supply chain industry. Practitioners complain that the accuracy of their forecasts is too low whilst software vendors claim to deliver unrealistically precise forecasts.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword in the world of technology over the last year or so. It has made numerous headlines with certain experts claiming that AI will replace half of the world's jobs by 2050. However supply chains are still in the dark ages, too frequently managed by Excel sheets and in a very human driven way.

Blockchain and Bitcoins

Bitcoin has captured the imagination of the media and it’s easy to see why. With a mysterious, anonymous inventor, bad guys making fortunes with get-rich-quick frauds and random students becoming overnight millionaires it certainly has all the makings of a box-office hit. What about supply chains?

The Data Scientist

Five years ago, no supply chain director had any need for data scientists. However, today that has all changed with the number of job positions open for data scientists seeming to be growing faster than universities can produce them. Nowadays it seems that every single supply chain department needs entire teams of data scientists.

Silos and Decisions

Supply chain decisions are typically fragmented twice: first through horizontal silos, then through vertical silos. While this process may have the appearance of rationality, the quality of decisions suffers, as does the company's finances.

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