rocket_article Jan 26, 2016

Full automation ahead

Discover our new automation feature that offers both orchestration and scheduling possibilities.

rocket_article Jan 18, 2016

Solving the general MOQ problem

Learn more about our new non-linear solver function for MOQ issues.

rocket_article Apr 22, 2015

Currency exchange rates with Envision

A new feature meant to help you calculate your margins when you buy and sell in multiple currencies.

rocket_article Mar 26, 2015

Document your folders with MarkDown

A proper organization of your data is key in an optimization initiative. Discover how this feature can help.

rocket_article Feb 17, 2015

Salescast and Priceforge have been merged

Our inventory forecasting and our pricing optimization capabilities are now merged to improve their efficiency.

rocket_article Feb 10, 2015

Advance scheduling of your forecasting reports

Lokad is now supporting a built-in integration with EasyCron to help you schedule a reports refresh.

rocket_article Feb 4, 2015

Local management of inventory settings

Manage the inventory settings within your account by uploading a specific Excel sheet acting as repository.

rocket_article Jan 16, 2015

Scheduling your Salescast executions

Discover how to schedule an execution in our inventory forecasting app using SetCronJob.

rocket_article Jan 6, 2015

Orchestrating Priceforge projects with Salescast

The road towards integration continues, learn how to execute Priceforge projects with Salescast.

rocket_article Dec 10, 2014

Built-in dashboards for Salescast

See what our new, fully customizable, Salescast dashboards can do for your business challenges.

rocket_article Nov 28, 2014

Auto-refresh your data from Salescast

Salescast now has a brand new "Project creation wizard". Learn more!

rocket_article Jul 28, 2014

Faster and better Priceforge

Discover our latest additions to Priceforge, for a faster data import and more control over your scripts.