rocket_article Jun 26, 2014

Sync by Lokad, native Brightpearl support

Import in 1-click your Brightpearl data into Salescast or Priceforge with our new web app.

rocket_article May 25, 2014

Web API and file exports for Priceforge

Two new features allowing you to schedule a daily automated setup that will refresh your data and runs.

rocket_article May 14, 2014

Visual dashboard editor for Priceforge

It is now possible to edit the layout of Priceforge's dashboards, for a more ergonomic visualization.

rocket_article Dec 4, 2013

BotDefender, new 3min video

Our app protects prices from being automatically retrieved by competitors, learn more in this video.

rocket_article Nov 6, 2013

BotDefender protects your prices from competitors

See how Lokad protects you from the risk of losing money, due to the automated retrieval of your prices.

rocket_article Oct 2, 2013

Kit, bundles, assemblies and bills of materials

Salescast support is now available when you deal with kits, bundles, assemblies and bills of materials.

rocket_article Jul 3, 2013

Phasing out SQL from Salescast

A transition towards flat files, for a faster, easier and more secure transfer of your data.

rocket_article Mar 27, 2013

Upload TSV files from the web

A new web interface has been released to allow you to upload your files directly from the web.

rocket_article Mar 15, 2013

FTP hosting, push your files to Salescast

We launched a FTP hosting service, which allows you to upload and download files directly from Lokad.

rocket_article Jan 21, 2013

Phantomscan, get rid of phantom inventory

Discover our new webapp, designed to predict which SKUs are most likely to have inaccurate records.

rocket_article Oct 4, 2012


Capture, store and exploit your data in a simple and efficient platform. All the benefits in an infographic.

rocket_article Aug 17, 2012

The all new Salescast Forecasting & Inventory Optimizer

Discover the new Salescast, from a demand forecasting engine to a complete inventory optimization solution.