rocket_article Sep 26, 2011

Video: introduction to Salescast

A video introducing the new Salescast, which benefits from an extensively improved user interface.

rocket_article Aug 18, 2011

Major UI refresh for Salescast

Salescast is 15 months old and it was time for an extensive user interface redesign.

rocket_article Feb 21, 2011

Improving usability of mundane account tasks

You can now start using your PayPal account to log into Lokad.

rocket_article Feb 1, 2011

Callcalc released, call volume forecasts in your mailbox

Discover the new version of our call center calculator based on cloud computing.

rocket_article May 28, 2010

Salescast, sales forecasting made WAY EASIER

Salescast is live! Don't worry about data integration, we take care of it. Get your forecasts now!

rocket_article May 2, 2010

Forecasting API v3 is live (REST + SOAP)

Let's welcome the 3rd version of our API, for a faster and easier use of our services.

rocket_article Jan 24, 2010

Forecast consumption reports

Our app now shows your forecast consumption, to comply with our pay-as-you-go pricing.

rocket_article Sep 8, 2009

OpenID is now supported

You can now register through OpenID or add your OpenID credentials to your Lokad account.

rocket_article Jul 20, 2009

Safety Stock and Call Center Calcs v2.3 released

Two releases focused on reliability and performance through the migration towards our Forecasting SDK.

rocket_article Mar 30, 2009

Forecasting in .NET with the Lokad SDK 2.0

Discover the new version of our Software Development Kit for Microsoft .NET.

rocket_article Mar 17, 2009

Sales forecasting for Microsoft Excel 2007

We have released an Add-in that will instantly enhance Excel 2007 with our powerful cababilities.

rocket_article Jan 28, 2009

Single DLL for the .NET forecasting SDK

Our Software Development Kit now fits into a single assembly, for a more practical use.