rocket_article Jul 29, 2008

More polish, LSSC v1.3 released

Following your comments, we improved our Safety Stock Calculator.

rocket_article May 4, 2008

When 3 buttons are just way too much!

We removed two buttons. Get the latest version of your reports in just one click.

rocket_article Apr 27, 2008

Beta version of Safety Stock Calculator released

The new application will provide reorder points optimization and stock coverage analysis.

rocket_article Apr 10, 2008

Excel Sales Forecasting 1.3 released

This latest release includes bugfixes and a major performance improvement.

rocket_article Apr 7, 2008

Unfortunate “period start” setting name

We've renamed our parameter for period referencing for improved forecasts.

rocket_article Apr 5, 2008

Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.3 released

The release includes, among other things, a new provider for Excel.

rocket_article Mar 12, 2008

Drafting Call Center Calculator

Discover our new application, completely dedicated to the call center industry.

rocket_article Dec 20, 2007

Excel Sales Forecasting 1.1 released - many bugfixes

Today's release includes a series of improvements and fixes. Discover them all in our detailed changelog.

rocket_article Oct 19, 2007

NEW Excel Sales Forecasting v1.0 released

Discover all the potentialities of this add-in for Microsoft Excel.

rocket_article Oct 13, 2007

Paypal adds Lokad in its solution directory

Our Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting has been supporting Paypal since the version 1.1.3.

rocket_article Jul 26, 2007

Lokad Desktop v1.2 released

The new version comes with a dedicated Get Started dialog that will facilitate the retrieval of your reports.

rocket_article Jun 9, 2007

Forecast your Paypal sales

Lokad now retrieves all your Paypal sales history to generate sales forecasts reports.