rocket_article Jun 4, 2007

Source code search engine

The Lokad SF.NET project has now its own source code search engine. Try it out!

rocket_article May 30, 2007

Lokad osCommerce Sales Forecasting v2.0.4 released

The release includes a bugfix concerning the time-serie aggregation and much more.

rocket_article May 30, 2007

Lokad Forums - Upgraded & Expanded

Discover Forecasting for Business, for a broadened topic coverage, and keep posting!

rocket_article May 22, 2007

Upgraded customer support system

To improve our customer support system we released a new, dedicated platform for customer support.

rocket_article Apr 30, 2007

Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0.9 - Perf, GUI and QuickBooks

Discover the latest additions to our app, local caching, progress bar, bugfixes and much more.

rocket_article Jan 30, 2007

Lokad OpenShell v1.0 released (PowerShell snap-in)

A new addition meant to facilitate RAD approaches while integrating our technology into your business.