rocket_article Feb 19, 2014

Magento add-on for BotDefender

Stop the automated retrieval of your prices by competitors with this free add-on for Magento.

rocket_article Nov 28, 2013

Megaventory integrates Salescast

Megaventory, a Saas solution dedicated to inventory and order management, is now natively integrated into Lokad.

rocket_article Oct 29, 2013 dedicated to Shopify merchants

Discover, and automate the data transfer between Salescast and Shopify.

rocket_article Oct 22, 2013

eCommHub, drop-shipping experts recommends Salescast

A Salescast export format is now available for eCommhub powered merchants.

rocket_article Oct 4, 2013

QuickBooks and Salescast integration that rocks with Webgility

QuickBooks is now connected to Lokad through Websiglity's eCommerceConnector.

rocket_article Jun 7, 2013

Magento extension for Salescast released

Magento, one of the most popular e-commerce softwares, is now integrated into Salescast.

rocket_article Dec 14, 2012

TSV flat files over FTP to feed Salescast

Today we put a new integration option via flat files into production . See how it works.

rocket_article Nov 2, 2010

Java Forecasting SDK released

Nearly stand-alone, with just a single dependency toward XStream, discover our newly released feature.

rocket_article Sep 20, 2010

QuickBooks forecasts at last, with dbSync integration

We joined forces with dbSync, to improve the connection between QuickBooks' data and Lokad.

rocket_article Apr 17, 2010

Open Lokad accounts with Lokad.TinyAuth, a tiny REST API

We got rid of the manual registration step. You are now just a few seconds away to start with Lokad!

rocket_article May 22, 2009

Magento+youcalc, volunteer merchants needed!

Are you a Magento user, willing to test our mock app that reports stock covers? Keep on reading!

rocket_article Oct 7, 2008

OpenERP gets supported in LSSC v1.8

Our Safety Stock Calculator now supports Open ERP, an open source management solution.