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rocket_article Apr 1, 2013

Quantum Forecaster unlocked

Discover our quantum forecaster prototype built in Russia and see how it will apply to forecasting. (April fool's)

rocket_article Feb 19, 2013

Machine Learning and Big Data talk at TechDays 2013

Read more about Lokad's participation at the 2013 parisian edition ot the Microsoft TechDays.

rocket_article Jan 7, 2013

Roadmap for 2013

FTP as a service, Shelfcheck and even more forecasting accuracy. Discover all the upcoming improvements.

rocket_article Dec 3, 2012

New Lokad-ers!

Lokad is getting bigger! Meet the people who joined our IT, Biz Dev and Data Analyst departments.

rocket_article Oct 23, 2012

How to be bullish while being bearish: Berlin here we come!

We are proud to announce that we opened a new sales office in Berlin to continue our growth!

rocket_article Sep 14, 2012

Data Days 2012: Meet us in Berlin!

Here we'll discuss our experience in Big Data in both eCommerce and retail.

rocket_article Aug 29, 2012

New Salescast pricing: Express (free) and Enterprise

Discover our new pricing plans specifically tailored to meet our customers needs.

rocket_article Aug 13, 2012

ECR Tag 2012: “Big Data intelligence at the point of sale”

Join the Lokad team at ECRTAG 2012 in Berlin, to discuss how Big Data can change supply chain.

rocket_article Aug 7, 2012

Wired UK’s 100 hottest startups in Europe

Wired Magazine featured Lokad among the 100 hottest startups in Europe!

rocket_article Nov 29, 2011

Roadmap for 2012

Even better forecasts, Shelfcheck, Hub and plenty of other projects. Discover what lies ahead.

rocket_article Aug 3, 2011

Bitcoins accepted, 10% off for BTC payments

We are now accepting payments in Bitcoins and offering a special discount for early adopters.

rocket_article Jul 25, 2011

Development center in Russia opens its doors

The Ufa center will allow us to grow by working with the best people in the fields of statistics, cloud computing, etc.