Lokad News


rocket_article May 7, 2007

APP.LOKAD.COM is now the root of the web application

We moved our Web application to a new location, to improve performance and reduce downtime.

rocket_article May 7, 2007

FORUMS.LOKAD.COM is our new bulletin board

We set up our own web forum, for a better forum software, no ads and a shorter URL. Check them out!

rocket_article Apr 27, 2007

Lokad icon set

To better differentiate our products, we unveiled a new series of icons.

rocket_article Apr 12, 2007

Starting the partnership program

Discover our partnership program. We are looking for software editors, IT providers and hosting providers.

rocket_article Mar 30, 2007

Miscellaneous ranking info

We are very proud of those figures, considering that Lokad has only been active for a couple of months.

rocket_article Mar 16, 2007

The origin of the name LOKAD

Discover the history behind our name. From our first project up until now.

rocket_article Mar 8, 2007

www.lokad.com is down - fix is under way (FIXED)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

rocket_article Feb 28, 2007

New customer-friendly terms and conditions

Rewarded contributions and no upfront payment. Just a few of our new T&C. Discover more.

rocket_article Feb 10, 2007

Extended application support for sales forecasting

We are currently extending our application support spectrum. Discover which apps are on the pipeline.

rocket_article Feb 4, 2007

Community website migrated to community.lokad.com

Our community website is now supported by the wiki platform ScrewTurn.

rocket_article Jan 25, 2007

A sandbox to play with Lokad

Lokad's Sandbox, a replicate of our production website, is now widely accessible for free.

rocket_article Jan 17, 2007

New community wiki for the open source initiatives

Get the latest information about Lokad on our new community wiki hosted on WetPaint.