rocket_article Feb 27, 2015

Forecasting 3.0 with Quantile Grids

Accurate forecasts are a fairytale, see how Lokad counteracts this.

rocket_article Oct 1, 2014

New video for Priceforge

See how Priceforge can help you optimize your prices and better visualize your data.

rocket_article Jun 24, 2013

Prevent dead inventory through “double” quantile forecasts

Discover how to reduce the risk of overstocking by performing a second quantile calculation.

rocket_article Jun 7, 2012

Running a very large retail network on a smartphone

Wondering how a smartphone can manage up to 1 000 stores? Discover it in our whitepaper!

rocket_article May 2, 2012

Video: Quantile Forecasts - Part 2

See through 3 unusual situations why quantile forecasts prove to be more accurate than classic forecasts.

rocket_article Apr 25, 2012

Video: Quantile Forecasts - Part 1

Discover in this video what quantiles are, how they work and their advantages.

rocket_article Mar 12, 2012

Quantiles = Inventory Optimization 2.0

Learn about the most significant technology upgrade Lokad has had since its launch 6 years ago.

rocket_article Sep 13, 2011

Video: How the Forecasting Engine works?

Questions about _under the hood_ details of Lokad are frequent. So, here are our forecasting engine's secrets.

rocket_article Jun 9, 2011

Retail niches, the cloud for non-geeks and CQRS for geeks

Three different topics written by three different members of the team. Keep on reading.

rocket_article May 24, 2011

Major documentation upgrade for Salescast

This documentation upgrade explains Salescast's scope, its position against our competitors and much more.

rocket_article Apr 14, 2011

Weekly/Monthly aggregation is a lossy process

See how Lokad can identify patterns that would otherwise have been lost though the sales aggregation process.

rocket_article Oct 15, 2010

Lokad.CQRS v1.0 for Windows Azure released

Our guidance and frameword on efficiently building solutions for the cloud.