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rocket_article May 2, 2010

Forecasting API v3 is live (REST + SOAP)

Let's welcome the 3rd version of our API, for a faster and easier use of our services.

rocket_article Apr 26, 2010

Shortage vs. Stock, forecasting accuracy matters

The relationship between service level, safety stock & forecasting accuracy is sometimes fuzzy. Let's clarify.

rocket_article Apr 17, 2010

Open Lokad accounts with Lokad.TinyAuth, a tiny REST API

We got rid of the manual registration step. You are now just a few seconds away to start with Lokad!

rocket_article Apr 6, 2010

Forecast’s species: classification vs. regression

The two species entail very different technologies. Discover our current setup and our next challenges.

rocket_article Mar 10, 2010

30 days free trial vs. $30 free trial

Discover how our Free Trial with 30 USD of pre-paid services works and start improving your forecasts!

rocket_article Mar 1, 2010

Auf Deutsch!

Wilkommen to the German translation of our website!

rocket_article Feb 23, 2010

Measuring forecast accuracy

Accuracy measurement accounts for half of the complexity of our forecasting technology. See why.

rocket_article Jan 24, 2010

Forecast consumption reports

Our app now shows your forecast consumption, to comply with our pay-as-you-go pricing.

rocket_article Jan 12, 2010

Ask.Lokad and get answers

Discover our new Q/A forum powered by StackExchange, and get rid of all your doubts!

rocket_article Jan 7, 2010

Tags and Events user guide

Happy 2010! Here at Lokad we start with the publication of the User guide for Tags and Events.

rocket_article Dec 22, 2009

BizSpark One, we made it out of 25,000 startups

Lokad has been selected among more than 25 000 startups for the Microsoft BizSpark program.

rocket_article Dec 14, 2009

Where does Windows Azure folks get their inspiration?

Once upon a time, there was a little company with little funds, but great ambitions... Lokad's fairytale

rocket_article Nov 30, 2009

Unified pricing system

Discover our new pay as you go pricing service and start optimizing your inventory.