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rocket_article Jan 7, 2010

Tags and Events user guide

Happy 2010! Here at Lokad we start with the publication of the User guide for Tags and Events.

rocket_article Dec 22, 2009

BizSpark One, we made it out of 25,000 startups

Lokad has been selected among more than 25 000 startups for the Microsoft BizSpark program.

rocket_article Dec 14, 2009

Where does Windows Azure folks get their inspiration?

Once upon a time, there was a little company with little funds, but great ambitions... Lokad's fairytale

rocket_article Nov 30, 2009

Unified pricing system

Discover our new pay as you go pricing service and start optimizing your inventory.

rocket_article Nov 17, 2009

Scalable Forecasting, a Microsoft case study

Read about Lokad's forecasting technology using Azure, Microsoft's clouding computing platform.

rocket_article Nov 14, 2009

Internet is needed for your forecasts

We are not an on-premise solution. The 3 reasons why the Internet is essential throughout the process.

rocket_article Nov 2, 2009

Refreshing Min/Max inventory planning

Contrary to what some believe, Min/Max neither defines nor prevents any inventory optimization strategy.

rocket_article Oct 28, 2009

Roadmap for 2010

A new pricing, 2 vertical apps, an easier integration with 3rd party apps and more. Our plans for 2010!

rocket_article Oct 27, 2009

Follow us on Twitter

We are on Twitter! Follow Lokad and the members of our staff for the latest updates.

rocket_article Oct 21, 2009

Modeling varying lead time

High service levels do not come for free. Discover the impact of varying lead times on this.

rocket_article Oct 20, 2009

Understanding varying lead time

Learn more about the root cause of lead time variation and how Lokad takes it into account.

rocket_article Oct 15, 2009

What’s your statistical model?

We don't deliver models, we deliver forecasts. Learn the benefits of our setup.

rocket_article Oct 5, 2009

What’s wrong with promotion forecasts?

Promotions are vital for any business. See our approach and how to make the most out of them.