FORUMS.LOKAD.COM is our new bulletin board

We have been relying on the Sourceforge web forums so far, but we have finally decided to setup our own web forums on Pros better forum software: SF.Net forums have quite a Web 1.0 look & feel. ad-free forums: if we ever allow ads in our forums, we would prefer to make sure they are 100% relevant. shorter & significant URL: the previous forum location was just impossible to remember.

Holbi becomes a Lokad partner

Holbi delivers eCommerce expertise, products and solutions. We are very proud to announce that Holbi had become the first IT services partner of Lokad. Holbi specializes in the osCommerce platform. Start your osCommerce platform with Holbi, get sales forecasting through Lokad.

Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0.9 - Perf, GUI and QuickBooks

We have just released Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0.9. The major performance improvement is the local caching of the retrieved sales history. The previous version was downloading twice the sales history, once at startup-time for the initial report display and once at upload-time. Since the aggregated sales history tends to be fairly compact, all the data is now locally cached, avoiding multiple data retrievals from your business application. The major GUI improvement of this release is the addition of a progress bar (in green in the screenshot below).

Lokad icon set

We have recently updated our product page (the previous one was just plain ugly). Aymeric has designed a series of icons to better differentiate the Lokad products. All icons are variations on the original logo for this blog  

Lokad gets a Dynacom Performance Grant

Dynacom is major accounting solution available both in English and in French. One month ago, Lokad was granted a Dynacom Performance Grant. We have really appreciated the support of the Dynacom staff while designing the Dynacom sales forecasting add-on. We are very proud to announce that Lokad Desktop Sales forecasting now supports Dynacom both under MS Access and under MS SQL Server starting from version 1.0.8. Also, in order to facilitate the integration of Lokad within Dynacom, we have already released a free Dynacom Synergy add-on (see the complete list of Dynacom add-ons) that can be used to launch Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting directly from the Dynacom application.

Lokad Desktop v1.0.7 supports MS Office Accounting 2007

We have released today Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0.7. This release comes with many improvements including bugfixes affecting most of the providers (potential issue with in case of paging for large catalogs). performance improvements (zeroes are now stripped out of the time-series at upload). NEW support for Microsoft Office Accounting 2007. We suggest to upgrade to this new version. ChangeLog v1.0.7 2007-04-24 [vermorel] NEW LokadWebApiProvider updated to match ‘lokadapi.

Lokad osCommerce Sales Forecasting v2.0 released

We are very proud to anounce that we have just released a major upgrade of Lokad osCommerce Sales Forecasting v2.0.  This new release includes performance haw been greatly improved. several bugs have been fixed. error messages have been polished. massive code refactoring (more simple & elegant code). lot of inline documentation added. Special thanks to Aymeric Augustin who was the main developer for this release.

Lokad becomes a Corporate Partner of osCommerce

We are very proud to announce that Lokad had become one of the few corporate partners of osCommerce. For the osCommerce users, Lokad is providing no less than 3 methods to get integrated sales forecasting Lokad osCommerce Sales Forecasting, a PHP contribution to deply within osCommerce. Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting, a Windows application that interacts with your osCommerce store. through a direct MySQL connection if such a connection is made possible by the hosting provider.

Starting the partnership program

In the past few months, we have been working with an increasing number of “potential” partners. Somehow, we ended up with a lot of similar situations; but without any official partnership program, it was becoming difficult for us to move forward. Thus, Lokad has just started its officiial partnership program. We are seeking software editors (with integration add-ons) IT services providers (helping our customers to deploy Lokad) hosting providers (because software is not nothing without an hosting provider).

Lokad gets featured by Mediachase

Mediachase provides a leading eCommerce Framework targeting .NET. We are very proud to announce that Lokad is now one of the few featured 3rd party solutions for the Mediachase eCommerce Framework (eCF).  Currently, Lokad has released two products that provides sales forecasting integration within Mediachase eCF Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting, a regular windows application. Lokad ASP.Net Sales Forecasting, a ASP.NET component to be integrated directly within the eCF application.

Miscellaneous ranking info

Today, Friday 30th March 2007  Alexa rank of for that last 7 days: 188,370 Google page rank: 4 Sourceforge (*) activity rank: 197 Sourceforge (*) total downloads: 1645  (*) It should be noted that the Sourceforge ranking is only a partial estimation of the Lokad development efforts because all our closed-source developments for the platform are naturally excluded from this estimation. [Self-satisfied comment] Considering that Lokad has been only active for a couple of months with close to zero marketing budget, those figures aren’t bad.

The origin of the name LOKAD

There is an interesting article about the 10 company name types on The Name Inspector. Based on their typology, you might think that Lokad is a made-up word. Well, the reality is a bit more complicated. Lokad was initially chosen as a blend of Local + Advertising = Lokad. The blend was also including a misspelling due to some obscure domain name availability issue. Local advertising was a project started (and terminated) in 2005 with the CEO of a small company named Next Frontier Innovation.

Lokad Sales Forecasting for osCommerce v1.0 released

We are very pleased to announce that we have released Lokad Sales Forecasting for osCommerce v1.0 (see the screenshots). Get daily / weekly / monthly sales forecasting within your admin panel in osCommerce. osCommerce is a highly popular open source eCommerce solution. Yet, osCommerce was not featuring any inventory intelligence so far. Thus, we have designed a PHP sales forecasting contribution to be included in your osCommerce application. This contribution is released as an open source package under BSD license.

QuickBooks gets supported!

We are proud to announce that Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting is now supporting QuickBooks 5.0+. We have also published a small tutorial dedicated to the setup of Lokad Desktop with QuickBooks. is down - fix is under way (FIXED)

Due to technical issues with our hosting provider, is currently down. We hope to be able to fix the problem within a few hours. We apologize the service disruption.  (UPDATE) The problem is now fixed.

Failing at forecasting Sin(x) and Cos(x)

We have been asked if Lokad was capable to forecast a time-series defined by a simple mathematical function, defined for example by f(x) = 1/x Sin(x+1) ? The answer is NO, I will even say that Lokad will miserably fails at forecasting polynomials and trigonometric expressions. When succeeding on toy maths means failing on real-world Lokad fails on toy mathematical expressions because it’s a totally different situation compared to real-world business time-series such as sales, call volumes or market prices.

New customer-friendly terms and conditions

We are very proud of our rock-bottom prices for our business forecasting services. Still unconvinced that Lokad is deadly cheap? Then I suggest you hire a consultant for a market study to check whether or not it exists a cheaper solution on the market :-). Warning: this advice may cost you more than 10 years of Lokad services. Yet, thinking again about our prices, it did appear to us that our terms and conditions were obscure somehow.

Notes about concurrent time-series (i.e. multi-parameters)

An interesting question has been raised on the ADempiere wiki page about Lokad: does Lokad support multi-parameters time-series? Well, the answer is somehow. In order to answer the question, we need first to clarify the situation. Intuitively a multi-parameters serie can be represented as a list of values [A(t), B(t) …. Z(t)]; the variables A, B … Z being dependent of the time value t but also dependent of the other variables.

Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0 released

We have released today Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0. Get sales forecasts integrated into your favorite accounting/commerce/ERP application. Lokad Desktop comes with an extended application support compared to Lokad ASP.Net Sales Forecasting. Supported applications include  (new) ADempiere AspDotNetStoreFront Commerce Starter Kit (new) Compiere Mediachase eCommerce Framework (new) Microsoft Dynamics POS (Point Of Sales) (new) Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) .netCART (new) osCommerce (new) SmileHouse Workspace XSE.NET With Lokad Desktop, the sales forecasts can be easily transfered into an other spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel) through copy & paste.

Extended application support for sales forecasting

Lokad already supports half a dozen of eCommerce applications, but we are currently extending our application support spectrum. We have started to work on the following applications Microsoft Dynamics POS Microsoft Dynamics RMS osCommerce QuickBooks SmileHouse / Wosbee Those applications will, most probably, be supported through the Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting, that will be released soon (March 2007).