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rocket_article Apr 18, 2007

Lokad osCommerce Sales Forecasting v2.0 released

The new release includes an improved performance, a massive code refactoring and much more.

rocket_article Apr 18, 2007

Lokad becomes a Corporate Partner of osCommerce

Os Commerce customers will from now now benefit from Lokad's unique expertise in sales forecasting.

rocket_article Apr 12, 2007

Starting the partnership program

Discover our partnership program. We are looking for software editors, IT providers and hosting providers.

rocket_article Mar 31, 2007

Lokad gets featured by Mediachase

Mediachase, a leading eCommerce Framework, has listed Lokad among its 3rd party solutions!

rocket_article Mar 30, 2007

Miscellaneous ranking info

We are very proud of those figures, considering that Lokad has only been active for a couple of months.

rocket_article Mar 16, 2007

The origin of the name LOKAD

Discover the history behind our name. From our first project up until now.

rocket_article Mar 12, 2007

Lokad Sales Forecasting for osCommerce v1.0 released

You can now get daily/weekly/monthly sales forecasting within your admin panel in osCommerce.

rocket_article Mar 10, 2007

QuickBooks gets supported!

Our Desktop Sales Forecasting now supports QuickBook. See how to connect it with our tutorial.

rocket_article Mar 8, 2007 is down - fix is under way (FIXED)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

rocket_article Mar 2, 2007

Failing at forecasting Sin(x) and Cos(x)

Why toy mathematical expressions are not gold when you deal with real-world business data.

rocket_article Feb 28, 2007

New customer-friendly terms and conditions

Rewarded contributions and no upfront payment. Just a few of our new T&C. Discover more.

rocket_article Feb 26, 2007

Notes about concurrent time-series (i.e. multi-parameters)

Lokad automatically detects implicit relationships between time-series. Discover the benefits.

rocket_article Feb 23, 2007

Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting v1.0 released

Start getting your sales forecasts integrated into your favorite accounting/commerce/ERP application.