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rocket_article Feb 10, 2007

Extended application support for sales forecasting

We are currently extending our application support spectrum. Discover which apps are on the pipeline.

rocket_article Feb 4, 2007

Community website migrated to

Our community website is now supported by the wiki platform ScrewTurn.

rocket_article Jan 30, 2007

Lokad OpenShell v1.0 released (PowerShell snap-in)

A new addition meant to facilitate RAD approaches while integrating our technology into your business.

rocket_article Jan 26, 2007

Lokad Sales Forecasting for ASP.Net eCommerce applications

Synchronize the sales data of you eCommerce platform with Lokad with this add-on.

rocket_article Jan 25, 2007

A sandbox to play with Lokad

Lokad's Sandbox, a replicate of our production website, is now widely accessible for free.

rocket_article Jan 20, 2007

Lokad Web Services and interoperability

Learn how to use our Web Services through a series of tutorials in Java, PHP and C#.NET.

rocket_article Jan 17, 2007

New community wiki for the open source initiatives

Get the latest information about Lokad on our new community wiki hosted on WetPaint.

rocket_article Jan 9, 2007

Lokad pricing revised

Discover our new prices, specifically designed to be more competitive on the webshot market.

rocket_article Jan 9, 2007

Sales forecasting for osCommerce - pre-release program

Interested in a sales forecasting module? Register now to be awarded 6 months of free Lokad services.

rocket_article Jan 5, 2007

Missing time-series vs. Empty time-series

Learn more about the vital differences between these two concepts.

rocket_article Jan 3, 2007

Web Services Tutorial in C# (again)

Learn how to perform the basic operations associated with your Lokad account.

rocket_article Dec 20, 2006

Web Services Tutorial in C#

Discover our .Net project illustrating how to perform a round-trip with our Web Services.

rocket_article Dec 20, 2006

Open source initiatives for Lokad integration

We have started to work on various applications that will be released under BSD licence. Stay tuned!