rocket_article Aug 27, 2019

Forecasting as a self-fulfilling prophecy

What are the importance of feedback loops and how do we use them in our forecasts

rocket_article Jun 10, 2019

A manufacturer’s perspective

What solutions can Quantitative Supply Chain provide for large manufacturing companies?

rocket_article Jun 3, 2019

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

The most common strategy (tragedy) for software solutions remains replicating behavior that's essentially "human".

rocket_article Apr 16, 2019

Humans in modern supply chains

"Machine should work; People should think." vs "Built for people not perfection". Two different visions.

rocket_article Apr 3, 2019

Integers and uncertainty in differentiable programming

Technical insights on how two challenges are addressed from a differentiable programming perspective.

rocket_article Mar 27, 2019

Differentiable Programming as in ‘AI’ that works

The path to unlock a series of supply chain scenarios that were before seen as largely intractable.

rocket_article Mar 15, 2019

A numerical take on DDMRP

How much novelty does "Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning" really bring to the table for supply chains?

rocket_article Feb 5, 2019

An algebra for supply chain economics

How zedfuncs algebra can be leveraged for probabilistic forecasting.

rocket_article Jan 28, 2019

Real-time data exploration with slices

A new Envision feature for business-intelligence-on-steroid capabilities.

rocket_article Jan 21, 2019

Lean scalable processing for supply chains

Are large scale calculations through cloud computing worth the cost?

rocket_article Jan 21, 2019

Crafting homepages

Two brand new features to improve the overall user experience and aesthetics of our dashboards.

rocket_article Jan 11, 2019

Columnar Random Forests

While random forests are no longer state-of-the-art machine learning they still offer advantages.