New Lokad-ers!

We’re pleased to announce **several new additions **to our Paris and Berlin teams. 

Three new colleagues are rounding out our Parisian staffSimon SchalitVictor Nicollet and Benoit Baylin.

Simon has come on board as Senior Project Manager. He will, no surprise, manage and execute large client projects. He holds degrees from the **Ecole Polytechnique **as well as Cambridge and has several years of consulting experience, and thereby offers a strong combination of technical expertise and managerial know-how. He is basically an engineer with people skills - we couldn’t pass on this opportunity. LinkedIn.

Victor is as a t****echnical expert and advisor, applying his programming skills to further enhance the depth of our know how. He graduated from Lycée Louis le Grand and Ecole Normale Superieure and brings expansive entrepreneurial experience to the table as founder and CEO of He also holds the distinction of having been Joannes’ star pupil at the Ecole Normale SuperieureLinkedIn 

Benoit, who is currently a student of Ecole Centrale in Paris, has joined in as a Statistical Intern. He will be working closely with our data scientists. LinkedIn

Meanwhile, on the German side of operations, we have - as mentioned in my previous post -** Hugo Ros** heading up **French Business Development**, and **Martha Turewicz** (myself) primarily responsible for **CEE**** Business Development**.  

Hugo joines us to take on the role as BizDev France. He is a trilingual young gun with experience in business development, administration and key account management. If you ever get a call from him make sure to start a discussion regarding the role of France in the EU. LinkedIn

Ma****rtha joins us to become somewhat of a secret weapon. She is **quadrilingual **and boast an Ivy League. Previously she gathered startup and business development experience. Her desk in Berlin will be facing east. We shall not say more. LinkedIn

Meet our** BizDev Germany-** her name is **Aleksandra Koluvija**, and she’s a vibrant addition to the team. In addition to work in specialized business development, Aleksandra has also **worked at the U.N.**, researching migration from a legal perspective. LinkedIn 

Rumor also has it that Aleksandra’s dog will be joining us in the office…his duties are as yet undefined. Our best guess is that he will be charged with what he does best: Being a dog. LinkedIn

Compliments or complaints regarding our new hires? Let us know in the comments!