Senior developer job at Lokad

We are hiring! Below, a copy of our LinkedIn job post.

Lokad is a team of talented and passionate developers. Business is growing, commerce is more demanding than ever for innovative technologies. We are committed to delivering such technologies.

As a senior developer, you will lead the development of one of our Big Data app (check for more insights in what we do). You will be in charge of bringing our technology to the next level, not to clean up technical debt.

Challenges are numerous:

We expect you to bring a significant expertise to Lokad, but you will benefit from a team capable of coaching you toward your next level of craftsmanship in software design.

We happen to use C#/.NET/MVC on top of Windows Azure, combined with event stores and NoSQL persistence strategies. We expect you to be (or willing to become) extremely proficient in this environment.

We are located 50m from Place d’Italie (Paris 13).