Beyond software: inventory optimization as a service

SaaS is the promise of no software. However, as far inventory optimization is concerned, no matter how good the service, software alone can’t address the full challenge. Delivering inventory performance take significant efforts:

As we noticed that our clients were frequently struggling with those challenges, more than one year ago, we started offering end-to-end inventory optimization services to clients that we upgraded from their original software-only subscription plans toward plans with very hands-on support.

What started as a favor for our largest clients turned out to work exceedingly well. The Lokad team managed to deliver very tangible ROI even for very tough challenges like the ones we face with aerospace supply chain. Moreover, we learned to deliver ROI measured against the very specific KPIs established by the client herself, which is not only the right thing to do, but also a great way to establish trust.

Today, we are starting to offer Premier subscription plans: end-to-end inventory optimization services. With a Premier plan, the Lokad team get hands-on, and the motto is simply do whatever it takes to deliver inventory performance. Naturally having access to both state-of-the-art forecasts and a power tools for supply chain analytics is a good starting point for the supply chain specialists working at Lokad.

Do you feel that you companies is holding too much inventory to serve too few clients? Yet, the prospect of hiring a team of data scientists / supply chain specialists look daunting. Just contact us, we can help.