Lokad is hiring

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

The Lokad activity is growing and it feels hard to keep up with the demand. Thus, I have decided to add a careers section to the Lokad website.

We are proud to achieve a 12/12 on the Joel Test, and our goal is to make Lokad a really nice place to work. Open positions include

For development works, we are looking for highly talented developers that are willing to take important responsibilities right from the start. We are way too small to afford having people doing less than useful work.

Considering that Lokad is also involving a lot of hard-core mathematical aspects, we are also willing to consider brilliant junior mathematicians with little or no programming experience. We will provide the necessary training to let you turn your mathematical ideas into industrial-strength applications.

Lokad offers the possibility to do a PhD in Computer Science within the company after an internship. Such PhDs get co-directed by Lokad and French university.

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Lokad selected for Microsoft IDEES

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

We are proud to announce that Lokad is now officially listed by Microsoft (in French) as part of their IDEES program. The IDEES program is rewarding the 25 (most) innovative French startups every year. You can also visit the US edition of the Microsoft Startup Zone.

Also, we are also proud to mention that Lokad has been selected by ScrewTurn - the open source ASP.NET wiki used for www.lokad.com - as the first reference for their category Who is using ScrewTurn? Granted, the Lokad technology has little to do with this second selection. :-)

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Errors are part of the (web) service

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

Since its launch in November 2006, Lokad has been providing a programmatic access to its forecasts through the Lokad Web API. Since the very first day, we have done our best to ensure the best forecasting accuracy. Yet, the future may not always be accurately predicted based on the sole historical data.

It is far better to foresee even without certainty than not to foresee at all. Henri Poincaré in The Foundations of Science, 1946

This situation is typically dealt with through an estimation of the forecast error: in addition to the forecast itself, an estimate of the forecast error is also computed. For example, this is the suggested approach for safety stock calculation.

Thus, we have decided to extend the Web API with estimated forecast errors. For any forecasting task, it is now possible to retrieve the Mean Absolute Percentage Error, see GetMape and GetMapes web methods. The new version of the Web API stays fully compatible with the existing applications.

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Drafting Safety Stock Calculator

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

Due to popular demand, we have started to work on Lokad Safety Stock Calculator an analytics application that will be dedicated to inventory optimization.

warehouse200x133.jpgSoon after the initial release of Lokad Desktop Sales Forecasting, it did become clear that both retailers and manufacturers were needing a deeper analysis than just sales forecasts. In particular, safety stocks that optimize the desired levels of service were among the most frequently requested feature.

Our initial specification for the "safety stocks" application includes a report that displays, for every product (or every SKU if there are multiple storage locations),

  • Past sales (grabbed from a 3rd party software).
  • Future sales (forecasted by Lokad).
  • Stock level (grabbed from a 3rd party software).
  • Stock coverage (computed), the time to reach the stock out if no reorder is made.
  • Supplier (manually entered), just to be able to sort the products against their respective suppliers.
  • Lead time (manually entered).
  • Service factor (manually entered), the desired probably to get a stock-out.
  • Reorder point (computed), the suggested amount of inventory that should trigger a reorder.
  • Delta stock (computed as stock at hand minus reorder point), it tells you how much over-stock you have.

Like we did already, this application will be released as open source under SourceForge. If you think we should include more features, do not hesitate to contact us or to directly submit a feature request.

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