Forecast consumption reports

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

We announced a few weeks ago that Lokad had evolved toward a simplified pay-as-you-go pricing. We have pushed today a significant upgrade of, the web app that lets you manage your forecasting subscription.

Beside an (hopefully) improved look & feel, the web app now reports your current forecast consumption, expressed as the total number of forecasts that have been retrieved from Lokad. In particular, forecasts delivery are now reported in 15min increments.

In the back-office, we have also upgraded many aspects of our infrastructure as well to make it a better fit for Windows Azure.

In particular, we recommend to upgrade client apps (such as Safety Stock Calculator or Call Center Calculator) toward their respective latest versions.

In order to avoid data quality issues that tend to lower the overall accuracy (as a mild case of Garbage In, Garbage Out problem), data validation of our Forecasting API has been made a bit more strict, and this change could cause upload failure with old client apps.

In order to upgrade, just launch the client app, wait for about 5s, and click the Update button that should appear in the upper right corner. If no button appears, then you already have the latest version.

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Ask.Lokad and get answers

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

Although some of you might have already noticed, we did quietly launch about one month ago as a replacement of our old forums that were suffering several terminal Web 1.0 design syndrome.

Ask.Lokad is powered by StackExchange, the engine behind StackOverflow the most popular Q/A forum for programming matters.

We have decided to revamp our forums, because we were getting the feeling that most simple questions such Should I consider working days or calendar days for lead time? or Why does ASA get negative when the number of agents get below call intensity? tend to be poorly addressed on the web.

Although, answers are probably buried in textbooks somewhere, our ambitions is to make this sort of knowledge as openly reachable as possible.

Have a question about forecasting, or about the usage of forecasts in your business? Don't hesitate to post on Ask.Lokad, we do our best to get all questions addressed. Then, as Lokad does not have a monopoly over smart people, the community can also challenge our answers with their own.

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Tags and Events user guide

Published on by Joannes Vermorel.

First of all best wishes for 2010. Lokad has been nicely growing and moving forward during 2009, we really hope to be able to move forward according to plans for 2010.

As a first token of goodwill, we have finally published the long missing User guide for Tags and Events.

Indeed, tags and events are a powerful extension of our Forecasting API, that let Lokad refines forecasts through meta-data. Both LSSC and L3C support this framework.

Tags and Events are especially useful in retail and manufacturing to better handle promotion forecasts, but also product launches as well as all sort of factors that impact the business.

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