rocket_article Jan 28, 2019

Real-time data exploration with slices

A new Envision feature for business-intelligence-on-steroid capabilities.

rocket_article Jan 21, 2019

Crafting homepages

Two brand new features to improve the overall user experience and aesthetics of our dashboards.

rocket_article Nov 7, 2017

Deep Learning as 5th gen forecasting engine

See how deep learning and GPU computing can change the forecasting landfield.

rocket_article Aug 10, 2017

Periodic demand forecast

A useful feature where demand is very steady and non-sparse.

rocket_article Jun 15, 2017

Text mining for better demand forecasts

When data is lacking in depth, correlations can be leveraged to improve accuracy through text mining.

rocket_article Dec 6, 2016

Markdown tile and Summary tile

Find new ways for displaying KPIs and detailed legends with our latest tiles.

rocket_article Sep 2, 2016

Visualizing probabilities with histograms

Discover how histograms can help you deal with uncertain future lead times or demand.

rocket_article Jun 30, 2016

Multicolor line charts

Envision now offers the possibility to specify a color for each line chart. Start beautifying your dashboards!

rocket_article Jun 3, 2016

WinZip and 7z file formats now supported

Two new file formats are now supported, for an even faster transfer of your data.

rocket_article May 4, 2016

Autocomplete file paths with Envision

Check out the latest upgrade of our code editor for faster coding.

rocket_article Mar 8, 2016

Uploading very large files through the web

It is now possible to upload arbitrarily large files through your favourite web browser into Lokad.

rocket_article Feb 24, 2016

Joining tables with Envision

Natural joins are limited. Discover how to process a much broader range of tabular data.