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rocket_article Nov 26, 2019

LokadTV reaches 1000 subscribers

When we started our Youtube channel just over a year and a half ago, we never imagined we'd reach this milestone.

rocket_article Jan 9, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

2018 has been a fantastic year for Lokad and we're looking forward to 2019.

rocket_article Sep 21, 2018

Website refresh

With so much information to convey, how do you make a website that's elegant and user friendly?

rocket_article May 14, 2018

Launch of LokadTV

With our new TV channel we aim to bring clarity to a wide range of topics.

rocket_article Apr 26, 2018

Expanding office space at Lokad

We're thrilled to have a new home that's twice the size of our previous location.

rocket_article Mar 30, 2018

Gold sponsor ACM programming contest

Learn more about the ACM programming contest and why we've become a Gold sponsor.

rocket_article Jan 24, 2017

Machine learning jobs at Lokad

Discover what working in our ML department entails and the complex challenges that need to be tackled.

rocket_article Aug 22, 2016

Hiring Big Data Analyst and Software Engineer

How about joining the team and helping us dig into data?

rocket_article Jun 24, 2016

Senior software engineer wanted!

You're game for a bit of C#/.NET? How about joining the team?

rocket_article Dec 10, 2015

Hiring a software engineer with taste for compilers and big data

Are you willing to discover our in-house programming language Envision? Join the team!

rocket_article Jun 1, 2015

Supply Chain Antipatterns, a Lokad initiative

Our new blog meant to gather the most frequent misguided responses to supply chain problems.

rocket_article May 20, 2015

Beyond software: inventory optimization as a service

Discover our brand new Premier subscription plan, for an end-to-end inventory optimization service.