Supply Chain Science


rocket_article Aug 27, 2019

Forecasting as a self-fulfilling prophecy

What are the importance of feedback loops and how do we use them in our forecasts

rocket_article Jun 10, 2019

A manufacturer’s perspective

What solutions can Quantitative Supply Chain provide for large manufacturing companies?

rocket_article Jun 3, 2019

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

The most common strategy (tragedy) for software solutions remains replicating behavior that's essentially "human".

rocket_article Apr 16, 2019

Humans in modern supply chains

"Machine should work; People should think." vs "Built for people not perfection". Two different visions.

rocket_article Mar 15, 2019

A numerical take on DDMRP

How much novelty does "Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning" really bring to the table for supply chains?

rocket_article Jan 21, 2019

Lean scalable processing for supply chains

Are large scale calculations through cloud computing worth the cost?

rocket_article Aug 7, 2018

The limited applicability of backtesting

Backtesting is simple and elegant, but is it really a silver bullet?

rocket_article Jun 25, 2018

Improving a forecasting technology

Learn more about how Lokad continues to deliver superior forms of supply chain optimization

rocket_article Feb 5, 2018

Book: The Quantitative Supply Chain

Discover why your supply chain deserves what machine learning and big data have to offer

rocket_article Jun 7, 2017

Entropy analysis for supply chain IT system discovery

The problem is not data-processing capabilities. The real challenge is to make sense of all your fields.

rocket_article Apr 29, 2017

The illustrated stock reward function

An infographic to better understand the stock reward function for computing the ROI for your stock.

rocket_article Mar 28, 2017

The Supply Chain Scientist

Discover the role of the Supply Chain Scientist, the keystone of a Quantitative Supply Chain initiative.