Supply Chain Science


rocket_article Jan 3, 2017

2017, year of quantitative supply chain

Read our new supply chain manifesto and learn how this approach can transform your supply chain.

rocket_article Nov 21, 2016

Preparing enterprise data takes 6 months

Learn the importance of data preparation and the typical length of a proper set-up phase.

rocket_article Sep 26, 2016

Will compilation save supply chains?

For supply chains conventional IT wisdom often doesn't work, but compilation might just save the day.

rocket_article Apr 8, 2016

POCs don’t work in quantitative supply chain optimization

Despite vendors' claims, optimizing supply chains is hard. Learn why most POCs fail at the initial stage.

rocket_article Mar 17, 2016

Q&A about inventory optimization software

Lokad's answers on a comparative study on inventory optimization softwares.

rocket_article Nov 18, 2015

Optimizing container shipments

Ordering lead times, volume and weight constraints, learn how to make the most out of your shipments.

rocket_article Oct 20, 2015

Retail pricing strategies

Discover the new articles added in our knowledgebase concerning pricing strategies.

rocket_article Sep 28, 2015

Price elasticity is a poor angle for looking at demand planning

Local indicators, thresholds, hidden co-variables, discover why price elasticity can be a poor fit.

rocket_article Sep 4, 2015

Streetlight effect and forecasting

What's the similarity between the streetlight, a drunkard and forecasts?

rocket_article Jun 15, 2015

Forecasting the series of future orders to suppliers

See how cumulated uncertainty can quickly turn you forecasts into a worsless piece of information.

rocket_article May 7, 2015

Data qualification is critical

Let's shed some light on data qualification, the second largest cause of projects failures.

rocket_article Apr 9, 2015

In the end, there can be only one

Discover why having an accumulation of indicators at the same time may do more harm than good.