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rocket_article Sep 16, 2007

Forecasting for ╬╝Commerce?

What should a forecasting software for micro-commerces include? Discover it in this article.

rocket_article Aug 28, 2007

Top 8 reasons why sales forecasting don’t work

We consider that these top 8 reasons can be consolidated into 2 main obstacles.

rocket_article Aug 5, 2007

Worlds of Forecasting Software

Let's have a look at the different uses of the term "Forecasting Software"? Where do we (you) stand?

rocket_article Jul 19, 2007

Demand Forecasting vs. Sales Forecasting

Learn the subtle but important distinctions between these two concepts.

rocket_article Dec 4, 2006

Do not make a sum with your forecasts

See why you should instead aggregate the different time-series into one before performing a forecast.