rocket_article May 7, 2021

Why FTP instead of REST

Most web apps feature web APIs styled as REST, yet Lokad features FTPS and SFTP, which may appear surprising. However, this choice is intentional, why did Lokad choose to go this route?

rocket_article Dec 21, 2020

On the accidental complexity of supply chain systems

A single smartphone could technically run a predictive inventory allocation for a very large retail network, yet why do so many companies have such slow systems in place?

rocket_article Oct 6, 2020

Factors of success in predictive supply chains

Wading through the miasma of supply chain technologies remains a challenge. What can help to guarantee success?

rocket_article Jul 2, 2020

Ranked 6th out of 909 teams in the M5 forecasting competition

Lokad have come at the 6th position in the M5 Forecasting competition out of 909 competing teams. It’s an impressive feat.

rocket_article Feb 4, 2020

Quantitative SCM vs Classic APS

Module-by-module comparison between classic APS (Advance Planning and Scheduling) systems and the quantitative supply chain as implemented by Lokad.

rocket_article Jan 16, 2020

Why not Python

Envision, the domain-specific language (DSL) of Lokad, was engineered to address challenges where Python will never deliver cost-effective solutions.

rocket_article Apr 3, 2019

Integers and uncertainty in differentiable programming

Technical insights on how two challenges are addressed from a differentiable programming perspective.

rocket_article Mar 27, 2019

Differentiable Programming as in ‘AI’ that works

The path to unlock a series of supply chain scenarios that were before seen as largely intractable.

rocket_article Feb 5, 2019

An algebra for supply chain economics

How zedfuncs algebra can be leveraged for probabilistic forecasting.

rocket_article Jan 11, 2019

Columnar Random Forests

While random forests are no longer state-of-the-art machine learning they still offer advantages.

rocket_article Feb 15, 2018

Beyond in-memory databases

In-memory databases used to be an IT buzzword, but it hasn't aged well

rocket_article Jan 29, 2018

From Crps to Cross Entropy

Thanks to CRPS Lokad cracked its aerospace & fashion challenges, but it's not without its flaws