rocket_article Apr 3, 2019

Integers and uncertainty in differentiable programming

Technical insights on how two challenges are addressed from a differentiable programming perspective.

rocket_article Mar 27, 2019

Differentiable Programming as in ‘AI’ that works

The path to unlock a series of supply chain scenarios that were before seen as largely intractable.

rocket_article Feb 5, 2019

An algebra for supply chain economics

How zedfuncs algebra can be leveraged for probabilistic forecasting.

rocket_article Jan 11, 2019

Columnar Random Forests

While random forests are no longer state-of-the-art machine learning they still offer advantages.

rocket_article Feb 15, 2018

Beyond in-memory databases

In-memory databases used to be an IT buzzword, but it hasn't aged well

rocket_article Jan 29, 2018

From Crps to Cross Entropy

Thanks to CRPS Lokad cracked its aerospace & fashion challenges, but it's not without its flaws

rocket_article Oct 18, 2016

Probabilistic promotions forecasting

Forecasting promotions can be a nightmare. See how our forecasting engine deals with uncertain futures.

rocket_article Oct 3, 2016

Ionic data storage for high scalability in supply chain

When throwing more machines at a data processing problem is not always the right solution...

rocket_article Jun 14, 2016

Working with uncertain futures

The future is uncertain, learn how Lokad has embraced this through an algebra of distributions.

rocket_article May 24, 2016

Forecasting 4.0 with Probabilistic Forecasts

Discover what Machine Learning and high dimensional statistics can bring to your supply chain.

rocket_article Feb 10, 2016

Insights on the Lokad tech evolution

Lokad has transformed so much, from data and business drivers integration to probabilistic forecasts.

rocket_article Dec 15, 2015

The Stock Reward Function

Aligning the scoring function with the business drivers and the iterative aspect of replenishment.