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rocket_article Aug 31, 2009

New team member, Dario Solera

A new developer has joined the team to help us develop the next generation of forecasting tools.

rocket_article Aug 14, 2009

Better product launch forecasts

Are you guesstimating product launches? Discover what our Safety Stock Calculator can do for you!

rocket_article Jul 20, 2009

Safety Stock and Call Center Calcs v2.3 released

Two releases focused on reliability and performance through the migration towards our Forecasting SDK.

rocket_article Jul 7, 2009

Favorite Forecasting Models

Do we have ONE favorite model? Definitely not, our technology is much more complex.

rocket_article Jun 10, 2009

Forecasting in the clouds and Lokad.Cloud

We started migrating towards Windows Azure, for unlimited scalability and even better forecasts.

rocket_article May 25, 2009

Scalability upgrade, Downtime on May 27th

A 6 hour technical downtime will be necessary in order to upgrade our storage system.

rocket_article May 22, 2009

Magento+youcalc, volunteer merchants needed!

Are you a Magento user, willing to test our mock app that reports stock covers? Keep on reading!

rocket_article May 9, 2009

Machine learning company, what’s so special?

From virtually non-existent to mainstream. The challenges of a constantly evolving field.

rocket_article Apr 22, 2009

Overfitting: when accuracy measure goes wrong

Overfitting is a real business problem and it costs money. See our recipe to counterbalance the risks.

rocket_article Apr 3, 2009

Gentle introduction of Lokad: the slidecast

A gentle introduction to our company. What we do, our apps and a complete focus on forecasting.

rocket_article Apr 3, 2009

Better promotion forecasts in retail

After analysing 1000's of promotional events, we've been led to some very interesting findings.

rocket_article Mar 30, 2009

Forecasting in .NET with the Lokad SDK 2.0

Discover the new version of our Software Development Kit for Microsoft .NET.

rocket_article Mar 17, 2009

Sales forecasting for Microsoft Excel 2007

We have released an Add-in that will instantly enhance Excel 2007 with our powerful cababilities.