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rocket_article Mar 2, 2009

Flat forecasts

Wondering why the forecasts you get from Lokad are simply flat? Here is the answer.

rocket_article Jan 28, 2009

Single DLL for the .NET forecasting SDK

Our Software Development Kit now fits into a single assembly, for a more practical use.

rocket_article Jan 20, 2009

Startup of the week on BizSpark

We have proudly been selected as Startup of the week on the BizSparksDB by Microsoft.

rocket_article Jan 16, 2009

L3C 2.0 released

We welcome the new version of our Call Center Calculator, supporting events on top of raw call volumes.

rocket_article Jan 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 - LSSC 2.0 released

To wish you a wonderful new year, we released the 2.0 version of our Lokad Safety Stock Calculator.

rocket_article Dec 22, 2008

Back from a few talks

Learn more about our participation at the Microsoft round table and the 2008 ARD forum.

rocket_article Nov 30, 2008

Forecasting Api V2 and Sdk for Net Released

Discover the new version of our forecasting API and Lokad SDK, a development-oriented library.

rocket_article Nov 27, 2008

Microsoft talk: Software + Services

On Dec 1st, Lokad will be taking part in a round table dedicated to Software+Services strategies.

rocket_article Nov 13, 2008

Cloud computing

Read our founder's review of Cloud Computing companies such as Azure, Amazon, Google, etc.

rocket_article Oct 28, 2008

Forecasting API v2 - tags

Discover how tags will allow our API to produce statistical forecasts with little or no data.

rocket_article Oct 21, 2008

Forecasting API v2 - events

Learn why events are essential to further refine the quality of the forecasts we deliver.

rocket_article Oct 7, 2008

OpenERP gets supported in LSSC v1.8

Our Safety Stock Calculator now supports Open ERP, an open source management solution.

rocket_article Oct 6, 2008

Wisdom of crowds and future enterprise software

Discover why so many companies leverage their respective communities to better fulfill their goals.