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rocket_article Dec 20, 2006

Open source initiatives for Lokad integration

We have started to work on various applications that will be released under BSD licence. Stay tuned!

rocket_article Dec 17, 2006

Upcoming Lokad User Guide

Find here a summary of what you will see in our User Guide.

rocket_article Dec 8, 2006

Upcoming documentation

Our documentation part will be filled soon to address your main questions about forecasts and Lokad.

rocket_article Dec 4, 2006

Do not make a sum with your forecasts

See why you should instead aggregate the different time-series into one before performing a forecast.

rocket_article Nov 28, 2006

Lokad gets live!

We have released the first version of Lokad. Feel free to give us your feedback, it's highly appreciated!

rocket_article Nov 27, 2006

Pre-release comments on COLOSSUS

As our first release approaches, discover more about Lokad's time-series forecasting technology.