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rocket_article Jan 29, 2018

From Crps to Cross Entropy

Thanks to CRPS Lokad cracked its aerospace & fashion challenges, but it's not without its flaws

rocket_article Nov 7, 2017

Deep Learning as 5th gen forecasting engine

See how deep learning and GPU computing can change the forecasting landfield.

rocket_article Oct 4, 2017

MRO Europe in London, join us!

Join our team for the 2017 edition of MRO Europe.

rocket_article Sep 27, 2017

The age of online supply chains

Piwik, an open source web tracking software, is now natively supported by Lokad.

rocket_article Sep 3, 2017

An aviation case study: Spairliners

Probabilistic forecasts applied to aviation discover Spairliners video case study.

rocket_article Aug 10, 2017

Periodic demand forecast

A useful feature where demand is very steady and non-sparse.

rocket_article Jun 15, 2017

Text mining for better demand forecasts

When data is lacking in depth, correlations can be leveraged to improve accuracy through text mining.

rocket_article Jun 7, 2017

Entropy analysis for supply chain IT system discovery

The problem is not data-processing capabilities. The real challenge is to make sense of all your fields.

rocket_article May 8, 2017

Probabilistic demand forecasting for Fashion

A retranscription of Lokad's talk at Vizions 2017. A new paradigm for the Fashion industry's supply chain.

rocket_article Apr 29, 2017

The illustrated stock reward function

An infographic to better understand the stock reward function for computing the ROI for your stock.

rocket_article Mar 28, 2017

The Supply Chain Scientist

Discover the role of the Supply Chain Scientist, the keystone of a Quantitative Supply Chain initiative.

rocket_article Feb 8, 2017

Fashion demand forecasting

Forget the Open-To-Buy-method and manual pairing between collections. Think probabilistic forecasting.

rocket_article Jan 24, 2017

Machine learning jobs at Lokad

Discover what working in our ML department entails and the complex challenges that need to be tackled.