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rocket_article Oct 3, 2016

Ionic data storage for high scalability in supply chain

When throwing more machines at a data processing problem is not always the right solution...

rocket_article Sep 26, 2016

Will compilation save supply chains?

For supply chains conventional IT wisdom often doesn't work, but compilation might just save the day.

rocket_article Sep 2, 2016

Visualizing probabilities with histograms

Discover how histograms can help you deal with uncertain future lead times or demand.

rocket_article Aug 22, 2016

Hiring Big Data Analyst and Software Engineer

How about joining the team and helping us dig into data?

rocket_article Jun 30, 2016

Multicolor line charts

Envision now offers the possibility to specify a color for each line chart. Start beautifying your dashboards!

rocket_article Jun 24, 2016

Senior software engineer wanted!

You're game for a bit of C#/.NET? How about joining the team?

rocket_article Jun 14, 2016

Working with uncertain futures

The future is uncertain, learn how Lokad has embraced this through an algebra of distributions.

rocket_article Jun 3, 2016

WinZip and 7z file formats now supported

Two new file formats are now supported, for an even faster transfer of your data.

rocket_article May 24, 2016

Forecasting 4.0 with Probabilistic Forecasts

Discover what Machine Learning and high dimensional statistics can bring to your supply chain.

rocket_article May 4, 2016

Autocomplete file paths with Envision

Check out the latest upgrade of our code editor for faster coding.

rocket_article Apr 8, 2016

POCs don’t work in quantitative supply chain optimization

Despite vendors' claims, optimizing supply chains is hard. Learn why most POCs fail at the initial stage.

rocket_article Mar 17, 2016

Q&A about inventory optimization software

Lokad's answers on a comparative study on inventory optimization softwares.

rocket_article Mar 8, 2016

Uploading very large files through the web

It is now possible to upload arbitrarily large files through your favourite web browser into Lokad.